Sunday, November 21, 2010

new website

The puppies celebrated their 1st birthday on November 3rd. You can check out pictures from their birthday party under the "news" section of our website

All new updates on the pups in the future will now be done on our new website, Ashfall Australian Shepherds

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mia 8.5 months

'Mia' Marabil's Exuberance @ Ashfall 8.5 months old . Still very pretty and photogenic!!!

Mia 8 months old with uncle JD- hiking booties!

Mia (9 months) and uncle JD with their "bunk bed"

Acadia 8.5 months old

Acadia 8.5 months old Ashfall's Natural Allure - keeping my mom busy and they are daily regulars at the dog park! Acadia hasn't met anyone (dog or human) she doesn't love

Visiting at my house is so exciting that fights the urge to sleep. Might miss something fun!

Destroying the old soccer ball she once enjoyed as a little puppy

Acadia and momma Lassen

Harper 8.5 months old

Happy Harper hanging out w/ mom @ the coffee shop.

Sage 7 months old

'Sage' Marabils Twice the Spice 5-28-10. almost 7 months old. Sage will be out in the regular puppy classes in AKC and ASCA this fall.

Beck photos: 6-7months old

'Beck' Marabils Inferno @ Ashfall

Beck 6.5 months old. 5-23-10 Free stackin machine!
Bodie and Beck passed out after a long day at the dog show. There is no better dog than Mr. Bodie himself for baby Beck to mentor under! :-)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Splash Dogs - Lassen

Lassen competed in her first Splash Dogs competition @ the Dog expo at Cal Expo handled by Cory, and picked up two legs towards a Senior Splash Dog Division title. I honestly would like to know if any of Lassen's puppies DON'T like water (especially since daddy Sway is part fish too!)

here are some video and photos taken from her practice jumps, when there wasn't people in the way :-)